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Official Government Statement on Mermaids

Today from SciShow World News Headquarters (Hank’s office) – news about radiation risks, the most hi-def astronomy ever, and the truth about aquatic humanoids. Like SciShow on Facebook: Follow SciShow on Twitter: References for this episode can be found in the Google document here: Fukushima, radiation, nuclear, power, meltdown, Japan, cancer, Stanford, radioactive, energy, electricity, astronomy, astronomer, telescope, interferometry, quasar, radio waves, mermaid, the body found, great white shark, discovery channel, animal planet, television, speculative documentary, science, scientists, NOAA, disaster, analysis, health, impact, effect, scishow, hank green
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25 Responses to “Official Government Statement on Mermaids”

  1. moristar1101 says:


  2. VerlorneSohn7 says:

    When a mommy mermaid and a daddy mermaid love eachother very much…

  3. coheadcmbria says:

    The documentary was far more convincing u gotta do better than that sorry

  4. SmilingJack100 says:

    I do hope you’re right, it didn’t sound that way to me.

  5. sciencenerd111 says:

    he was commenting on the safety of it, not that we should stop, just that we should do it more safely.

  6. wyatt9688 says:

    but they look part human, don’t they? lol

  7. dormic123 says:

    If they’re not Homo sapiens sapiens it’s not cannibalism.

  8. riotskate100 says:

    At least he’s humble

  9. Shizumi13 says:

    youuuuuuuuu are gullible

  10. Xeroxias says:

    I read the title. Reread it. Told myself it was better to stay away.
    As in most similar cases, I’m glad I gave in to tempation.

  11. 592blue says:

    ummm sure

  12. SmilingJack100 says:

    Hank stop with the anti-nuclear propaganda, it produces almost no greenhouse gases, is cheap enough to implement RIGHT NOW (not like solar which we’re looking at like 50 years or more) and even something as bad as fukishima killed fewer people than coal (the status quo) likely kills in a week or less. You’re making a passive choice Hank.

  13. wyatt9688 says:

    that’s part cannibalism though

  14. Mike2894 says:

    Mermaid caviar sounds tasty…. (yumm)

  15. wyatt9688 says:

    they lay caviar. Sexy, innit?

  16. MakoRuu says:

    They did it with Dragons.

  17. AbeXx56 says:

    Is this why girls smell like fish?

  18. ltericdavis2237 says:

    they haven’t been found yet, that is.

    but anyway, i saw this cool cg thing of what a mermaid would actually look like if humans right now evolved into an aquatic lifestyle. It looked kinda like a seal with very long flippers, and no tail obviously. still two legs/flippers

  19. Kitsune1414 says:

    I asked myself this a lot as a kid and when I found out how dolphins and whales did it I could only assume that’s how it would be done if mermaids were real. It’s the most logical way I’ve found.

  20. TiagoTiagoT says:

    They did somthing like that with dragons too…

  21. JKFilm96 says:

    they lay eggs, silly.

  22. trollmylove says:


  23. Damian Thompson says:


  24. rajdeep00723 says:

    hey u know anything about the dragon that was found on the hills of china?

  25. slapmytush says:

    like dolphins…


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