World’s strongest seven-year-old carries 90kg man in China |

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World’s strongest seven-year-old carries 90kg man in China

Yang Jinlong, 7, from Fengyang County in east China’s Anhui Province, can carry an adult man weighing 90kg. Report by Mark Morris. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at
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20 Responses to “World’s strongest seven-year-old carries 90kg man in China”

  1. ClanLSD10 says:

    Pero tan raro es ? Si el niño entrena y eso ps es normal,aunque todos seguro levantamos 90 kg,pero por ahora el solo podra 1 vez ya la seguda le costara…Animo chaval..sigue asi! 😀

  2. pkmarsham07 says:

    I shit 90kg

  3. masterjeff says:

    hand up, if he looks like Kung Fu Panda Mini

  4. FlickerNick says:

    Good to hear hes on diet otherwise he will be just another fat motherfucker !

  5. jia2001 says:

    Chinese got 2 mutant, the first one the boy who could see in the night, and now this boy.
    X-MEN came from China!

  6. tittamza says:


  7. FKKJohn says:


  8. weightxreps says:

    omg… training makes the back stronger. Only if you take steroids you fuk up your back, it’s impossible to fuck your back if you train naturally, because the body has systems to alert you and even take control and stop you from lifting if you overtrain. The body is not stupid, it’s a machine.

  9. GrandGallopingGamer says:


  10. diana andrade says:

    Incredible Hulk?

  11. Priestfreak12321 says:

    Poor guy is going to get his back destroyed before he hits 30:(

  12. osdipesh says:

    Wow thats fking strong for 7!!!! Year old Oh my god

  13. BobboSmile says:

    wtf? chinese man weights over 90kg? thats messed up!

  14. sHaHiN00786 says:

    Well obviously, if he looks like that……

  15. Bernard Chang says:


  16. Bernard Chang says:

    Thats.. Strng o..o

  17. MrGangaheaD88 says:

    we will see him in Rio olympics, the first 11 year old weightlifter.

  18. samaapje1 says:

    thats not hard

  19. DubGamingVids says:

    because ur fat huh?

  20. sizzla123 says:



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